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Superbird Browser is a browser based on Chromium that lets you visit web sites without giving your information to third parties. It's very similar to Google's browser, meaning practically nothing has been changed in the design of different fields and menus.

What makes this tool so secure is that it doesn't send information to Google regarding the source of the installation, user IDs (in case of a system error), nor words entered into the search bar. It also doesn't install update clients that can monitor user activity and doesn't send out data regarding misspelled URLs.

In addition to the privacy features, Superbird Browser also offers faster browsing, providing you quick access to websites. In addition to giving you faster browsing and more privacy than Chrome, one of the best features is that it consumes very few of your computer's resources.

Superbird Browser is identical to Google Chrome with the exception that your information doesn't end up in the hands of other people. You'll also be able to access content more quickly using the same interface as always. It's a great alternative if you're looking for a tool with quality, speed, and security.
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